Call for Expression of Interest A Regional Study to assess the path of the Agadir Agreement

Agadir Technical Unit (ATU)

Within the framework of the European’s technical assistance, the Agadir Technical Unit (ATU) intends to conduct a regional study to assess the path of the Agadir Agreement among the Member States (Egypt, Jordan, Morocco & Tunisia). An impact assessment of the agreement will be undertaken by analyzing effect on trade flow between member states and with the European Union, the diagnosis of the industrial environment and highlighting the available opportunities to achieve regional industrial integration, and also by focusing on the impact of the agreement on the flow of intra, and foreign, direct investments.

Consultancy firms from the Agadir Member States and from the European Union are invited to send their expression of interest. As for the firms from the member states, the study must be implemented with the participation of an EU expert. The participation of consortiums between consultancy firms or consultancy firms and organizations is permitted.

The documents of expression of interest shall be submitted at the headquarters of the Agadir Technical Unit in Amman, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (5th Circle, Hanna Qa'war St, Building No. 3) from 09 AM to 04PM, or sent by registered mail, to 
Agadir Technical Unit, P.O. 830487, Amman 11183 Jordan, 
not later than February 16th ,2021 at 16 :00. 
Due to the current circumstances and the COVID19 pandemic, which may hinder the timely submission of offers, a copy of the document indicating the mailing date and the mail tracking number has to be sent by e-mail to the ATU

The external envelope should be marked only with the following statement:

"Please do not open" – “Expression of Interest, Agadir Agreement-Path Assessment Study”.

The external envelope shall include two separate envelopes as follows:  
1.    The first envelope should be marked with the following statement: "Please do not open" – “Administrative and Technical Offer- Expression of Interest: Agadir Agreement-Path Assessment Study".
 This envelope should include the following documents in Arabic and English or Arabic and French:
1.    CV’s of all experts in the team, and a statement by the chief expert and identification of the European expert.
2.    List of studies carried out by the consultancy firm (and members of the consortium), particularly in the field of assessment studies of international and regional trade agreements and their impact on the volume of trade exchanges among member states (with the necessity to refer to supporting evidence).
3.    A written commitment to the terms of reference. 
4.    The suggested methodology of accomplishing the study (proposed work plan).
5.    The timeline for implementing the study (with specifying the total working days).
2.    The second envelope should be marked with the following statement: “Please do not open - Financial offer. Expression of Interest: Agadir Agreement-Path Assessment Study".

This envelope should contain a budget proposal entitled “the expenses of completing the study” in Euro currency and exclusive of taxes
The ATU does not bear the differences due to variation in exchange rates.

The Consultancy firm is obligated to comply with the submitted offer for 6 months from the deadline of receiving it.

To get the TORs or for additional information and clarifications, the Consultancy firms are invited to contact Agadir Technical Unit on phone number 00962 - 6 – 5935305, or by visiting the ATU website  or by sending an e-mail to:

General Provisions: 

-    Offers submitted after the deadline will not accepted. As for offers submitted by mail, the date of sending will be considered. 
-    Any change or modification to a submitted offer will not be accepted. 
-    The ATU has the right to cancel the Call, without providing any reason and without any financial or legal commitment due to the cancelation. 
-    Expenses incurred in preparing and submitting tenders cannot be recovered.
-    All documents submitted by the tenderers will become the property of ATU and are deemed confidential.
-    In case awarded the tender, the consultancy firm submitting the offer on behalf of a consortium, shall be the sole responsible in the implementation of the contract as a whole

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